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Stories From The Tallgrass Prairie

Autumn Road Trip

For the last three years during the last week of October I have taken what I now call my annual autumn road trip. My first, three years ago, I stayed within the State of Kansas. Camping 6 days and 5 nights in couple different campgrounds all within 2-3 hours from...

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2017 Kansas Calendar & Print Promotion

Along with the new 2017 Kansas calendars this year I have added an extra offering that can be purchased along with the calendars. Prints of any month including bonus and cover image can be purchased with any calendar order. A total of 14 images to chose from. You can...

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Desert Time

Before I jump into some travel that I have done over the last few months, I should mention a few things about the present. First of all, this Autumn season. This season has been one of the strangest I can remember. As of this writing we should be seeing mostly bare...

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Marching On

All I know is when I explore the lands and places that have deep meaning to me and have for many many years I find myself doing much more thinking and much less photography.

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Exhibitions Without Walls – Interview

In March I was contacted by Ed Wedman co-founder of Exhibitions Without Walls, an international organization that offers photographers and digital artists the chance to grow and develop professionally.

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Craftsmanship Matters

To build upon your experiences in order to be a better craftsman is a slow arduous task. There are no guarantees and many times very few external rewards along the way.

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It’s Not A Race

There is such a mind boggling amount of photos being placed online today that the whole concept of photography has changed.

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A Second Chance

The connection of ones home lands with the magically beauty of nature transcends all time and leaves me once again searching deep within my life for the understanding that, beauty is beauty, good is good, and life is abundant regardless of time and space.

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A Brief Amount Of Time

I wish when I slept or just set around being lazy time would stop so I would have more years in search of pleasurable things when I chose to do them.

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Home Place

I felt mostly at home, at least very comfortable and relaxed. For 7 days I lived a somewhat reclusive life.

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To Want No More

To feel and understand compassion is a noble human trait. To comfort those who suffer is the result of a humble person who understands compassion.

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Why I Photograph

It may be that one just accepts the fact that if someone creates they simply do so for whatever personal reason they have.

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Individual Strengths

The one who chooses to make a photograph is not only the creator, but many times the one and only viewer able to feel what must be considered an emotional connection.

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The Missing Link

Like a prairie dog digging its den on the dry prairies all the time knowing once it is completed it will be home to a new generation.

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Gallery Update

I am and forever will be a mindful student of such masters setting desires, titles, and descriptions for my work that I can only hope to one day achieve.

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In The Beginning

When we make choices many times possibly most times we look back and think, what if I had done this, or that.

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Our Own Time

I always feel the need to create, something, but not just anything. My outings of late have been devoted to the late evenings and stretching a little into the early night time

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Introducing – Prints Of The Month

This is an idea I have considered for some time and even played around with in the past. Prints Of The Month or “POTM” will be a new and easy way to own and build your collection of fine art nature photographs.

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Why A Newsletter & Why Now?

The last couple of years I have made a conscious effort to share more of what I do with those who chose to except it. This has been primarily sharing the images I create with the world.

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To observe is the first step in understanding life and the natural world. I strive to create art of these places and moments I observe and experience. They are personal interpretations rather than documentary pictures. I share my art, write about experiences, and ask questions, as a way of further understanding and exploring our World.
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