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Stories From The Tallgrass Prairie

Personal observations and experiences

Marching On

All I know is when I explore the lands and places that have deep meaning to me and have for many many years I find myself doing much more thinking and much less photography. read more

Exhibitions Without Walls – Interview

In March I was contacted by Ed Wedman co-founder of Exhibitions Without Walls, an international organization that offers photographers and digital artists the chance to grow and develop professionally. read more

Craftsmanship Matters

To build upon your experiences in order to be a better craftsman is a slow arduous task. There are no guarantees and many times very few external rewards along the way. read more

It’s Not A Race

There is such a mind boggling amount of photos being placed online today that the whole concept of photography has changed. read more

A Second Chance

The connection of ones home lands with the magically beauty of nature transcends all time and leaves me once again searching deep within my life for the understanding that, beauty is beauty, good is good, and life is abundant regardless of time and space. read more

A Brief Amount Of Time

I wish when I slept or just set around being lazy time would stop so I would have more years in search of pleasurable things when I chose to do them. read more

Home Place

I felt mostly at home, at least very comfortable and relaxed. For 7 days I lived a somewhat reclusive life. read more

To Want No More

To feel and understand compassion is a noble human trait. To comfort those who suffer is the result of a humble person who understands compassion. read more

Why I Photograph

It may be that one just accepts the fact that if someone creates they simply do so for whatever personal reason they have. read more

Individual Strengths

The one who chooses to make a photograph is not only the creator, but many times the one and only viewer able to feel what must be considered an emotional connection. read more

About Brad

Brad Mangas produces personal art through photography. Born and raised on the prairies of Kansas, his homelands play a vital role in how he approaches his creative process. A place of solitude, intimacy, peace, and beauty. "Nature has made me who I am. My work attempts to share my deep respect for our natural world."
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