Brad Mangas

Life's too short to take most things serious, especially yourself.

I have always wondered about why artists feel the need to write about pages on themselves. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it just has always made me curious as to why. I know we all are curious of others and I am no different. I have always been one that would rather have their actions speak much more than simple words. I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine, that being blowing ones own horn for all the world to hear. Does it really matter (and I’m serious about this) if I grew up with a camera in my hands or have a Masters in the Fine Arts. Or better yet was raised by a pack of wolves on the arctic tundra and became one with nature. Or if I dropped out of school in the 6th grade to work and help put food on my families table. Does any of that matter to you more that 30 seconds after you have read it? Does it make my work more appealing? I would be curious to know.

I grew up in a small community located in N.E. Kansas, Onaga to be precise. Born the youngest of 4 kids, raised by hard working parents, always given time to explore the wonders of nature and small town life with friends. Time spent indoors was limited, eat, sleep get ready to go outside. Sometimes reduced to just get ready to go outside and do the eating and sleeping there. So from a young age I gained a deep appreciation of the outdoors. A place where the wind blows in your face and the sun warms your body. Where fun times await and it’s oh so hard to leave.

There is a desire, a life giving need to be part of this “thing” called life that must come from outside myself so I can become part of something that is bigger than me or any one of us. I do love the wonders of the vast mountains, valleys and prairies. The mysteries of the oceans and skies. The miracles of plants and animals, the simple beauty in colors of an autumn leaf. These are the things of this world that feed my most inner self. A place to draw strength, hope and pleasure.

Brad Mangas

Brad Mangas

From the times rolling down a grassy hill laughing and eating dirt and grass with every roll, to today. It is not only part of who I am, it is who I am. I strive to not only capture the essence of nature, but to share my deepest respect and admiration of it.

The appreciation, passion and respect one has for their chosen subject of photography, far out ways the knowledge one has of the art itself. I share a few more insights into my personal life at the Gallery Site.

Thanks for taking a moment to read a few of my thoughts.


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