2017 Kansas Calendar & Print Promotion

2017 Kansas Calendar & Print Promotion

2017 Kansas Calendar

Along with the new 2017 Kansas calendars this year I have added an extra offering that can be purchased along with the calendars. Prints of any month including bonus and cover image can be purchased with any calendar order. A total of 14 images to chose from. You can see them all on the order page.

  • Calendars are $14.95 each.
  • Calendar plus loose unmatted print sized 8×12 inches are $39.95.
  • Calendar plus print matted (white) 12×16 inches are $49.95.
  • 20% discount on all order of 5 or more.
  • Free shipping within the Continental US.

Various combinations of calendars and prints (matted or unmatted) can be made as well. Just email us with what you are wanting and we will let you know what the total cost will be. Please keep in mind these prints are not available at these reduced prices without the purchase of at least one calendar per print order. For example, if you are wanting 5 prints, 3 unmatted and 2 matted this will require the purchase of 5 calendars at the prices mentioned above. As also mentioned you will receive a 20% discount on orders of 5 or more of any combinations.

Prints, whether matted or unmatted are personally printed in house on Red River UltraPro Satin Photo Paper. Prints are museum mounted (removable) matted with white 4 ply conservation quality materials. Personally packaged and shipped along with calendar. Allow up to 3 additional days for orders that include prints.

Since these make wonderful gifts for the holidays we can also help fulfill your gift list. Calendars or calendar and print combinations can be purchased and shipped to any address you would like. We will include a personal note letting your recipient know who the gift of the calendar is from. Just email us your us your gift list letting us know the addresses where calendars are to mailed and how many. We will then email you an invoice that can be paid via paypal or card. We will do the work for you and you can get all the credit! Hey that’s a good deal! Note:Quantity discounts not available for this service.

In addition I am very happy have calendars available in 4 select bookstores in Kansas. These bookstores are:

These are premium wall calendars, 11×17 inches (open), beautifully printed on heavy paper. Calendars include moon phases and US holidays. Calendars are produced in limited quantities and are available only while supplies last.

Sold Out. Look for the 2018 Kansas Calendar first week in November, 2017.

Thank you all for your support!



January 16

Windy but pleasant outside here today. The cool breeze always seems to feel good. I was wondering when I started this journal venture if the simple act of telling myself I needed to do something .vs just wanting to do something would make a difference. So far it seems to have. I know from past experience that goals a good thing. They need to be real, tangible, and at least initially enjoyable or at minimum know that you are working towards a better result in whatever it is you set your goal upon. Interesting how good practices seem to slip ones mind and immediately get replaced with old habits. The simple answer to this is good practices need to become habits. OK, enough obvious wisdom for now.

I have been reminded how much I like small cameras. For the last year 99% of all my images have been produced with my large dslr. A Nikon D800e to be exact. I have felt that is the one that needs to be with me. I have owned this for just about 10 months now after selling off all my Canon dslr gear and replacing it with Nikon. Why is another issue and not particularly relevant.  This thing has a thousand bells and whistles and I really need or at least want to know about all of them. So it has become part of me over these last 10 months.

The one thing that I have kept that in this case is a Canon (which again is not relevant at all) is my G10 point and shoot. It sets on my desk and I see it everyday. For the last 10 months that is all I have been doing with it. Along comes this journal venture and viola the point and shoot is my camera of choice. Hmm, what gives? Simply, the ease of use I’m sure. When something is easy we just do it more. Not that easy is better but, it’s just easier, dah.

The point is to find a way to make what it is we want to do more available. In this case it’s to create, learn, and share. Thank you my little G10 friend!

As will become apparent morning walks with Lexi will be a great source of inspiration for me to make a few pictures on a somewhat regular basis for this journal. That is not necessarily the goal of this but it will always be a part as with this post again today.  As you also notice I will have the tendency to ramble on about other things but, I will try not to become to obsessive with that.

On the news front, I have just made arrangements to have the remainders of my new Kansas 2014 Calendars made available to folks at a Kansas Regional Leaders Retreat Conference going on this weekend in Overland Park, Kansas. This has been made possible through my association with The Flint Hills Regional Council. I owe a big Thank You to Jeff Adams the regional planner and all the folks associated with The Flint Hills Regional Council, an organization I am proud to be associated with.

Here’s a picture that was taken yesterday during Lexi and I’s morning walk. Another great benefit of my small point and shoot is the ease and ability to take closeup photos. It seems to excel in this area. Taking closeup or macro shots really makes a person slow down and examine all the little things that for the most part we completely ignore. I will undoubtedly be paying more attention to everything once again.

I worked this shot up of a close up of leaves in the park, initially in its natural color state. Even though I liked the color version it just seemed to say black and white. More precisely monotone since I added a slight sepia tone to it. The boarder around it just seemed to work for me as well.  I am always intrigued by what catches my attention when looking closely at things in nature. In this case it was the two holes in the cottonwood leave that to me looks almost like two ghostly eyes peering back.

Nature, Photography, Landscape, Photos,

© Brad Mangas


Social Media & the Photographer

I’m not a big fan of watermarking images, I admit I may be a little to trusting in this area. It’s just a personal thing with me but do fully understand the need to do so. When writing this post a previous one came to mind dealing with watermarks, it can be read here.

Starting about a year ago I decided to pick up the pace of using social media. I have primarily stuck with the big 2 that being facebook and twitter with facebook getting many more post than twitter. For some reason it just seems more useful to post an image on facebook than a link to one on twitter, might be because of the feedback that is made know on facebook through the “Like” button and being able to add a comment directly to a post. I do believe twitter has many benefits over big brother facebook due to it’s simplistic approach to post and being able to quickly read comments. I always wonder about the content of quick post on twitter and the relevance to the message I want to get across. Again I may be way over thinking this and probably should just post regularly.

There has been much written about the pros and cons of social media, the distancing of humans from each other, fewer and fewer personal interactions in exchange for using ones computer or smart phone to interact. Personally I agree this is not beneficial to human personal development but we aren’t going back so learning to use it in a positive way is the path we should choose.

I’m not necessarily writing about the pros and cons, rather the reason I use it and the results expected. I have been posting an image on facebook 4-5 days a week for a while and believe it has helped in getting others to view what I do and possibly interact through a comment, Like or a visit to this blog or website. All sounds rather beneficial doesn’t it. I came across an article today that was written back in 2008 about the terms and conditions of facebook and their rights with content you post there. That got me thinking. Have I ever actual read the terms and conditions on facebook? Uh, no, who reads that stuff anyway. So I found the terms and conditions page and starting reading it, it was somewhat shorter than I expected with paragraphs number out explaining each condition. Well I didn’t have to read far to find something that can effect any photographer and not in a positive way. Under item 2 which reads; “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition:” Oh the dreaded “In addition” part, item 2.2 states the following. “When you publish content or information using the “everyone” setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture)”. Well that’s just great, now people not even on facebook have the right to use our work. What part of that makes sense?

Using social media, our new age way of communicating, many benefits with many pitfalls along the way. As I mentioned earlier learning to use it in a positive way sure does get harder when everyone has the right to use your content apparently however they want. I’m not a paranoid type of person really I’m not and don’t plan on doing anything much differently than the way I have been. I just thought it an interesting and note worthy bit of information that’s good to keep in mind whenever participating in today’s new way of doing things.

Kansas nature photography

© Brad Mangas



100,000 Calendars

I know it’s an odd time of the year to be talking about new calendars but never to early to plan ahead right? I just read a blog about blogs, yeah kinda funny when I put it that way but true non the less. It talked a little about self promotion a little about catchy titles and a little about the need to share what’s going on trying to make it interesting for others to read. I’ve discovered sometime ago that I’m not super good at following instructions or advice, not that I totally disregard it but I have an urge to do things my way. Now I’m not saying I know what that way is but when I try to follow others advice on how to do things I always seem to end up doing it different or at least having put my own spin on things.

You may be saying OK whatever, what does that have to do with 100,000 calendars? Well, maybe nothing but that’s just what came to mind when I starting writing this, since I typically try to do that anyway with many posts here but the “100,000 Calendars” is my take on the catchy title thing. OK, catchy title and I’m sharing (got those out of the way, the interesting for others part I’m never very sure of).

My initial purpose was to share a couple of pictures that were recently purchased for use by McCormick Armstrong to be used on a 2012 calendar they print and publish. I was lucky enough to be contacted last year by them for a single image use on a 2011 calendar and after spending some time talking with a marketing rep he said he would be happy to put me on the list for this years consideration of photos. The request came last week for 2 images which had been selected, and without much deliberation on the terms, which I was pleased with they will be showing up on 100,000+ calendars distributed all across the country. They are the big 22×17 wall calendar kind that companies purchase to put their logos and name on and typically sent out to businesses and customers.

The last few years when I would notice a calendar with nature and landscape scenes on it I always picked it up to see who the image were by and if there was info on who puts the calendar out. I’ve ran across these large ones with McCormick Armstrong name on them as the publisher and last year brought one home and had it next to my desk with plans on contacting them. They ended up contacted me first which seemed rather amazing all because of an image they noticed in last years summer issue of KANSAS! Magazine, it just so happens they are the printer of that publication as well. Guess it really is about being in the right place at the right time.

Besides the large distribution, images used in these calendars include some rather long standing highly recognizable nature photographers. Fun and exciting to be put along side others that work has been around for some time and I really have admired. OK, guess that cover the self promotion part. And as I should say way more often, thanks to all who visit this blog and my website.

Here are the 2 images selected for the 100,000+ print run of 2012 calendars. (As always you can click on images for larger view)

South Carolina landscape nature photography

© Brad Mangas

Kansas Flint Hills Photography

© Brad Mangas







What’s Popular

I think it’s always on a photographers mind that being “what’s popular” when it comes to shooting images. I have never let it totally influence my decision on what I shoot I know in my heart I have to surround myself with what inspires me the most, but I seem to think about it more than in the past. Case in point, I was contacted by the Kansas Commerce Division late last fall and asked if I would be interested in some assignment work. Always looking for new income opportunities (what photographer isn’t) I of coursed said sure! A list followed with the subjects that they would be in need of. They included things such as; Cultural Events, Civil War Characters – Forts and Events, Unique Dining, Festivals Urban and Rural, Camping, Wineries, BBQ Competitions, Hunting – Fishing – Harvest, Nature and Wildlife just to name a few. As I looked over the list I realized this didn’t quite fit my “normal” subjects of strictly nature and landscapes. Hmm, should this discourage me? Or should I put out my best effort to capture such subjects in the fashion and style that I approach my normal subjects. A unique challenge to say the least. The only part that seemed somewhat intimidating was most of if not all these subjects would include people, oh no not people! I do say that in jest, for most of these subjects I would find fascinating to photograph and my travels do take me to most of the areas such things exist.

The winter months did not do well in providing opportunities for things like this but now spring is upon us and activities are picking up. Time to make me a working list and do some planning, doing assignment work comes with a something called a deadline, not real sure how that will play out deadlines don’t even sound fun. It’s a different way to approach a part of my work but I have said many times challenges are a good thing, so in between trips to the prairies and flint hills will be a few side roads taking me to other areas of nature and small town life in Kansas starting this week and coming weekend with the Prairie Fire Festival, how could something that has fire and festival in it’s name not be fun! Along with my updates on images and travels that are a mainstay here on the blog I will see what I can do to bring some of my newest subjects online to share as well.

On a somewhat similar note on what’s popular one of the items at least in these parts with folk who enjoy photography are barns, boy people love barns, old barns to be specific. They are also a subject I look out for whenever out and about. Oh there are many around but one thing that a person must do that I have yet to is stop and talk to land owners because most of the good ones aren’t setting next to the road, they always seem off in the distance setting on a rural plot of land that has probably been in the family for generations. I didn’t see barns on the list from the Commerce Division, hmm bummer. Guess extra effort will need to be put out with this subject as well. Remember, challenges are a good thing. I think I’ve heard that before.


© Brad Mangas