Producing folios has become an very enjoyable way to bring a body of work together. Extreme attention to detail becomes foremost in producing folios. It has allowed me to see new ways to present and share my experiences in nature. Time producing and crafting images as well as time preparing text and layout are vital for you the viewer to be able to experience these moments as well.

You can learn more about folios, their purpose and desired intent here at: What Is A Folio?

New folios are produced as time allows. Following is a list of folios currently available. As fun as they are to produce I assure you there will be more to follow.

Fire On The Prairie

This folio celebrates the long standing practice of burning the grasslands. Specifically the tallgrass prairies. This vital ecosystem rely’s solely on three factors to maintain health and longevity. Climate provided by Mother Nature, Grazing once provided by the multitude of wildlife that once inhabited these lands such as Bison, Pronghorn, Elk, and the still present Locust. Now grazing is provided almost exclusively by managed herds of cattle along with the Locust, and third possibly the most important, Fire.

The importance of fire on the tallgrass prairie has been proven over decades and generations. No fire, no prairie it’s simple as that. Without routine burning of these grasslands it’s landscape will become absent of tallgrass and consumed by thick woody growth of shrubs, trees (including the suffocating Red Cedar), and many invasive species of plants which have made their way to these landscapes by human carelessness.

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This is folio #2 of a 4 set series on the seasons of The Kansas Flint Hills.

Aestas follows Veris and is the second folio in this series on seasons of the Flint Hills set. Aestas, latin for Summer, includes the infamous “dog days”. Times when heat, prairie dust, grasshoppers, and meadowlarks all coexist for the sake of surviving this harsh environment. Harsh as conditions may be beauty never ceases and in fact only proliferates during these times.

These carefully chosen photographs were made during these harsh summertime conditions. When life was abound and the landscape abundantly alive.

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This is folio #1 of a 4 set series on the seasons of The Kansas Flint Hills.

Veris, latin for Spring/Springtime is the introductory folio in a series on the seasons of the Flint Hills. Over the years I have found myself deep in these rolling hills and tallgrass wonderland in every season. Many times multiple times per month. It is a place that never grows old and in fact becomes more magical with each and every visit. It was a natural progression that the first series of folios be of this unique and dwindling landscape.  Though progress has reach some limit in it’s ability to encroach upon this landscape it still finds itself under constant threat. If not for the deep, thick, and unplowable limestone that exist at the surface this land would not be the unique wilderness area it is today.

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