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Producing art, any kind of art is obviously the most pleasurable part of being an artist. But what does one do after the creative process is complete? What do you do with art? All my work is offered in a variety of print forms. But what about easy to access low cost availability? After all I am not into hoarding my own work. I produce it in order to present it to the world. There are many ways to share and even distribute art these days. Most notably the internet has become a playground for creatives to produce, share, and distribute art in digital form. Yes, the internet can be used for good.

To help facilitate this platform for art there are now specific ways to produce and share art in a digital form. Ebooks are the most noticeable of these digital forms. I am truly happy to be able to produce these digital versions and offer a growing collection of e-publications for you to enjoy. Best of all I make these available to you for free.

With the advent of computers, e-readers, tablets, and smartphones digital publications have become a hot commodity. There are many ways to enjoy digital publications and many different devices to do so with. Adobe Reader is a free software program available from Adobe and is by far the most common and standardized way of viewing digital publications. I produce all my digital publications as .pdf files which are viewable using Adobe Reader.

It is recommended to save the .pdf file to your desired location on your computer after downloading. Then open the .pdf to view using Adobe Reader. If you have Adobe Reader already installed and selected as your default .pdf viewer it will automatically open when you open the .pdf. You will have much more control of how you wish to view the .pdf when using Adobe Reader. For both Windows and Mac platforms.

For viewing on the iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablets and similar devices using PDF document viewers. I recommend the Adobe Reader App, the Kindle Reader App, or GoodReader for the iPad, Moon+ Reader for Android. If you have a favorite PDF document viewer you may use it. You may download and view it directly within a web browser such as Google Chrome as well.

© All  content is copyrighted. All rights reserved. You are welcome to download these PDF publications and to enjoy them at your discretion. Unauthorized use, extraction, or duplication is a violation of international copyright law. Please respect the work of artists.

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A growing library of publications and digital files will continue to be offered here free of charge. It is not necessary but, if you feel so inclined you may make a donation in any amount to help support these offerings. Your donation will help with costs of monthly/annual website fees, secure online file storage, and the many many hours of labor that goes into producing and making these available. Plus I need coffee, lots and lots of coffee! Your generosity can help make sure these offerings continue. No minimum, any amount is truly appreciated. Processed through PayPal for Brad Mangas Photography. Thank You.

Fire On The Prairie

We have known the prairie lands to be filled with abundance of life. Plants and animals of hundreds of species. This has been the story of the great prairies for tens of thousands of years. Now it has become as fragile as a crystal glass setting in the middle of a busy highway. One small bump could crack it, break it, even destroy it as we know it. Fire is not only necessary, It is of great importance, not only for the health of the prairie but, also for life as we know it.



Fire On The Prairie Digital Edition


Summer, what else does one need to say. For many this is the season in which more time is spent outdoors. The days are longer, the skies seem brighter, there is life in every direction. Many reason come to mind why summer is the time for fun and play. I believe we are driven by light and color, sounds and smells. Summer just seems full of it all.



Aestas Digital Edition 


Veris is the beginning. There is always a beginning. A place and time that memories hang on too. So vivid can they be you feel you can relive them just by closing your eyes. Spring comes each year, to nourish the our soul as well as the land.  It was during this time of renewal from the long winter’s grip that laid foundation for things to be built upon. A foundation of understanding. Of nature, life, and most all that is good. To live in a place that experiences a profound Springtime is one of lives greatest pleasures.



Veris Digital Edition

A word about viewing your .pdf file. You may receive a notice in the form of a yellow banner across the top of the publication when you first open it with Adobe Reader. This is a general information warning from Adobe. It states; “Protected View: This file originated from a potentially unsafe location, and most features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks.”  Yes it sound fairly serious I realize. This happens with all .pdf’s that are downloaded that have as part of them additional features such as page navigation buttons and external links which most of these do. This is perfectly normal and you are at no risk what so ever. It is there to warn you in case you accidentally click on something that downloads a .pdf file when you did not want to. You will notice on the right side of this yellow banner is an “Enable All Features” buttons. You will need to click this button to enable the features built in to this publication. The features are as previously mentioned, page navigation buttons and external links.

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