When requesting to license any of our images please provide the following in the contact form below:


Image ID:┬áThis is the alpha_numeric identification you will find below each image when you view it at it’s large size. It will typically look like: FHSP_1234. This id may vary and some may have two letters while others may have more than four numbers. Please provide complete alpha_numeric id.

Desired Use: Example; magazine publication, print advertising, company report, web page promotion etc. If to be used in print media please estimate number of publications to be made or circulation count. Example; Magazine with circulation of 10,000. For web use example; Online only article on the tallgrass prairie, online ad for a business, etc.

Size of Final Output: Example; magazine Cover, inside full page magazine use, half page magazine use, 12 inch calendar use, web page online only use at 800ppi on longest side, etc.

Length of Use: Example of known duration, magazine publication that is printed monthly will be considered a one month license duration. Magazine publication printed quarterly will be considered a 3 month duration. National Park annual brochure, this will be considered a 1 year license duration. Duration of use must be specified for all licenses.

All licenses are valid for the quoted length of duration. After specified time period has expired a new license will be required for continued use of image(s). Please respect the copyrights of artists. Thank you.

License Request

I will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Typically this is within 24 hours. A times travel may have me on the road or away for longer periods in which case a replay may be delayed.

Thank you, I look forward to helping you meet your needs.