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Stories From The Tallgrass Prairie

Why I Photograph

It may be that one just accepts the fact that if someone creates they simply do so for whatever personal reason they have.

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Individual Strengths

The one who chooses to make a photograph is not only the creator, but many times the one and only viewer able to feel what must be considered an emotional connection.

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The Missing Link

Like a prairie dog digging its den on the dry prairies all the time knowing once it is completed it will be home to a new generation.

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Gallery Update

I am and forever will be a mindful student of such masters setting desires, titles, and descriptions for my work that I can only hope to one day achieve.

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In The Beginning

When we make choices many times possibly most times we look back and think, what if I had done this, or that.

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Our Own Time

I always feel the need to create, something, but not just anything. My outings of late have been devoted to the late evenings and stretching a little into the early night time

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Introducing – Prints Of The Month

This is an idea I have considered for some time and even played around with in the past. Prints Of The Month or “POTM” will be a new and easy way to own and build your collection of fine art nature photographs.

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Why A Newsletter & Why Now?

The last couple of years I have made a conscious effort to share more of what I do with those who chose to except it. This has been primarily sharing the images I create with the world.

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Happy Summer

I am still in catch up mode from a wonderful and busy Spring but now it’s the first full day of Summer! Wow! Things always seem best when there is lots to do, it keeps my mind busy on the things I love.

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Wild Wildflower Experience

This wasn’t just a spot of blue in the field this was acres of blue. I really had a hard time imagining there could be acres of Spiderworts. I have never seen that many all together.

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Why Photography Matters – Essay Part 5

Art should never be about what someone else thinks. It is a highly personal and creative journey in which many experiences are drawn from, contemplated, and attempted to be rationalized in a meaningful way.

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Why Photography Matters – Essay Part 1

With all the information out there for those just starting in photography or those who have been doing it for years there is never a clear or concise answer as to, Why? Why do you take pictures? Why do you spend time looking at photos, working on photos, preparing photos, talking about photos, displaying photos, sharing… and the list goes on

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Why Are You A Nature Photographer?

Recently I was visiting one of the online photography forum’s and was reading through some of the topics and reply’s. The question was asked: “Why are you a nature photographer.”

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Happy Birthday Kansas!

Standing in the light cool sprinkles of a late spring morning the sun not quite above the eastern horizon behind me the rainbow appeared.

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Age Of Bling

It seems almost wrong to mention something so unimportant as television but, these things do not stop with broadcast television. They can be witnessed throughout ones day in almost any social setting.

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The Conscious Endeavor

Art seems to be a galaxy within a universe in which some choose to visit. We try, possibly unknowingly, to understand ourselves through various means.

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What Photography Has Taught Me

Wouldn’t you like to be happy three days a week? How about four? How about every day? What if you could be happy or at minimum what if you could experience happiness every day of your life? Would your life be different? Would it be better? Sound impossible?

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We Are What We Eat

A few times a year I find myself looking at things differently. Things like photography, trying to live a creative life. I am always wondering the best way to go about it.

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Shunga Creek Visit

Some years back I discovered that it can be quite colorful along the creeks edge with the leaves that have fallen and still hanging on to color. It becomes challenging looking for patterns and intricate designs.

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Catching Up

Yeah I still know how to write and get a post here! The last month plus has been a somewhat of a whirlwind of comings and goings. It is hard to believe Autumn has come and now looks like it has gone.

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To observe is the first step in understanding life and the natural world. I strive to create art of these places and moments I observe and experience. They are personal interpretations rather than documentary pictures. I share my art, write about experiences, and ask questions, as a way of further understanding and exploring our World.
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