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Stories From The Tallgrass Prairie

The Subjective Artist

Photography by it’s shear nature seems to struggle in it’s distinguishing of these two counter approaches. In the beginning a photograph had but one purpose, to document. This could be a specific time, event, or moment but the purpose was purely documentation. This great grandfather mindset of photography holds firmly to this day. Though it is safe to say the vast majority now expect a photograph to be something more than just a documentary thing. At what point does a photograph cease being documentary and start being subjective? When indeed.

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Kansas Museum of History

In May of this year I was contacted by the Director of the Kansas Museum of History about a new display they were going to install in the main entry area of the gallery. They were looking for 7 images that depicted Kansas and Kansas history to be used as a wall mural. 6 of these images would be displayed in a postcard format over a main wall mural. The wall mural was to be 38 feet wide by 12 feet high and span a 3 angled wall!

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Growing Pains Part II

I came across a saying yesterday that seemed to make a good deal of sense to me at the present time. It was actually from a fortune cookie. “Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”

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Growing Pains

Can you believe it! After a week I have this site back on the world wide web! I first want to say thank you to all who have checked here during the last week and have still decided to come back and check things out again. I hope it goes without saying but it is only...

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August 13

Last weekend I got the urge to visit Konza Prairie and do a little hiking. I needed to get out and needed the exercise. There is no better place than the wonderful hiking trails of Konza.

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July 29

As if it was intentionally put in this spot for just such a sunrise.

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July 25

There is much that can be learned when it comes to the grasslands of this world. Their vital importance in filtering the air that we breath. The wildlife that it sustains. The pleasure of just being surrounded by simple beautiful life. It truly moves me to the core of my being.

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Rhythms of Life

Moments of extreme joy are like flowers in a breeze swaying every which way in an attempt to capture every ray of sun.

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July 23

Not all grasses were “just” waist high. I spent a few moments in amazement standing next to growth of Big Bluestem.

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July 21

I decided over the weekend I would stick close to home, very close and found myself roaming the grounds of Shunga Park

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July 18

I knew it may not be the “wow” type of image that most seem to gravitate to but, it was what I needed to be photographing at that moment.

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June 25

Hey, Happy Summer 2014! Yeah I know I am a few days late in my acknowledgment but the best to all through the next few months. We have had some great weather the last few weeks with only a hint of summer heat but, we won’t be able to hold it back much longer.

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It may be that being yourself is the hardest battle you will ever fight.

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June 19

I recently spent a few days in what is known as the Smokey Hills area of Kansas.

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No Hurry

When we take time to slow down there seems to be an opportunity to invite more into our lives. How we perceive that opportunity is up to us.

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June 10

I just finished watching a PBS video on an episode of Nature, Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story.

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June 5

As I slowly made my way past the main entrance I became almost frozen with the view in front of me.

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May 27

I can not believe my lack of even a simple journal entry has been so long! To be honest it is due to the lack of... just doing it! I am somewhat of a procrastinator (dah). I always think there will be a better time to do whatever it is I need to do. This does not go...

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April 16

It will only be a matter of days before this blackened landscape turn green with new growth.

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March 31

It is quickly turning into an exciting and extremely busy time in these parts. I am confident in saying spring has finally arrived.

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March 20

Here’s another link to an article I came across that I found very fascinating.

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March 13

Nature and the bounties which it provides in ways not possible by man made systems is the constant we all need for life, love and happiness.

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To observe is the first step in understanding life and the natural world. I strive to create art of these places and moments I observe and experience. They are personal interpretations rather than documentary pictures. I share my art, write about experiences, and ask questions, as a way of further understanding and exploring our World.
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